Smoke-free homes: The final frontier

Private homes remain a major source of SHS exposure particularly for women and children. According to Global Adult Tobacco Surveys in Bangladesh, China, India and Indonesia, 36.5%11, 38%12, 39.3%13 and 75.4%14 of adult women are exposed to SHS at home, respectively. Globally, about 40% of children aged less than 14 years are also exposed to SHS within their homes15 and these estimates are much higher for LMICs in the South-East Asia, Western Pacific and Eastern Mediterranean regions. Studies that validated SHS exposure level using biomarkers have found even higher levels of SHS exposure among women and children3,1618. In Bangladesh, 95% of school children in urban and peri-urban areas were found positive of recent SHS exposure18. There is, therefore, an urgent need to reduce exposure to SHS in women and children through implementing effective, affordable, inclusive, feasible and sustainable solutions.

Authors: Rumana Huque, Kamran Siddiqi,142772,0,2.html

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