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    A collaborative research of ARK Foundation got attention of the media

    Baseline data from our collaborative study on Children Learning About Second-hand Smoke (CLASS-II): A pilot cluster randomised control trial, funded by Medical Research Council, United Kingdom (UK) showed that 95% children had positive exposure to second-hand smoke in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The study was done by ARK Foundation of Bangladesh, University of York and University of Edinburgh in UK.

    After published in an Oxford Academic Journal the Research got attention of the national and international media and got focused in Daily Newspapers and TV media. Renowned newspapers and TV news channels in the country published and broadcast news on this issue saying 95% of the children in country are affected by Nicotine. The news got attention of the mass people and helped building awareness through sharing in social media and online platforms.

    Dr. Rumana Huque, Executive Director of ARK Foundation and Professor of Dhaka University also commented on the issue in different media saying that for the first time in the country we have been able to confirm the presence of Nicotine in children’s body by examining the saliva of them.

    The study completed last year. Another paper is already submitted in “Nicotine and Tobacco Research” for review and another manuscript is under way.

    Published article:

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    ৯৫ ভাগ শিশুই নিকোটিনের বিষক্রিয়ায় আক্রান্ত।

    পরোক্ষ ধূমপানের কারণে ঢাকা ও আশপাশের এলাকার ৯৫ ভাগ শিশুই নিকোটিনের বিষক্রিয়ায় আক্রান্ত। ০৬ জানুয়ারি/১৮ #dbcnews

    Posted by DBC NEWS on Friday, January 5, 2018