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    Strengthening health service delivery to address COVID-19 in Bangladesh

    Health systems in both developed and developing countries are now struggling to respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Bangladesh has already taken several immediate actions to combat COVID-19. ARK Foundation proposes to develop a ‘Comprehensive National COVID-19 Response Management Policy’ under the leadership of MOHFW of Bangladesh, outlining short, medium and long-run action plans. The policy must adopt a whole-society approach, consider both preventive and curative measures, and strengthen the World Health Organisation’s six building blocks of the health system.

    To strengthen the health service delivery to address COVID-19, ARK Foundation recommends:

    Short term actions

    1. Prioritise safety of health professionals, procure and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) as per need
    2. Update treatment protocols, guidelines and manuals to include new knowledge and evidence

    Medium and long-run action

    1. Develop ‘District level planning’ to assess the need of each district, and allocate resources based on need, develop the capacity of diagnosis and treatment at district and sub-district levels, and procure and distribute test kits as per requirement across the districts.
    2. Plan for increasing the capacity of government hospitals at national, district and sub-district levels to diagnose and treat patients, including serious and critical patients, requiring mechanical ventilation and intensive care.
    3. Adequately address mental health of the people.
    4. Coordinate with other ministries and private health care providers for a comprehensive management of COVID-19.

    Health service delivery is just one part of the comprehensive plan when considered the entire health system.

    More upcoming. Stay tuned.

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